GBGC Terms & Conditions


This document sets out the rules and regulations for Grand Baie Golf Club members.


Each member will be able to participate in all the activities of the GBGC:

  • GBGC Tour
  • GBGC Match Play team of 2
  • GBGC vs TGC (the best players of the season will have priority)
  • Elite Golf open (6 best gross players of the season)
  • other activities

and will benefit from a membership card allowing:

  • to access preferential rates to golf partners.
  • advantages with our non-golf partners as well.

Each season, we must validate the benefits offered by our partners and are no contractually liable towards our members.


The GBGC is open to all players who: 

  • are registered members of the GBGC for the year and have paid the membership fee prior to their first round.
  • are members of the MGF and have an “official” handicap.


players are invited to register for the GBGC throughout the year via the link on our site. The contribution is Rs 2,200 for 2023. This is renewable every year.

The GBGC reserves the right to refuse any registration of a player for the coming season without any justification.

Any misconduct during the season could be sanctioned by withdrawal as a member of the GBGC at the discretion of the committee.


Above I also agree to the storage and use of my personal data for the purposes of the GBGC.

The GBGC reserves the right to use photos, emails, address etc for the promotion of the club and its partners.