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Match-Play Rules by team of 2


GBGC Match Play Tournament 

Rules for this event:

These rules compliment the general regulations of the MGF. The conditions of these ‘Rules & Regulations’ take precedence over those of the general regulations.


To participate you must:

  • be a member of the Grand Baie Golf (Having completed the online form)
  • have paid your 2023 GBGC Subscription fee
  • hold a current MGF 2023 licence


  • Team Match Play of 2 players – 18 holes 4 ball Format – Net Best Ball
  • 3/4 handicap back marker: 3/4 of the difference of the handicaps of the game players, the player with the lowest handicap thus having no shots (scratch).
  • The handicap taken into account is that of day of the meeting. For men, handicaps over 24 are automatically reduced to 24. For women, the handicaps greater than 28 are automatically reduced to 28.
  • The match can take place on any golf course, as long as both teams are in agreement. In the case of disagreement, the default golf course is Mont Choisy Le Golf.
  • A lottery draw will take place for the match-play draw. Each round must be played before the deadline indicated on the draw. If the match is not played before the scheduled date, both teams will be disqualified unless one of them is present on the day of the final date of play at Mont Choisy Le Golf at 8am, and will in fact be qualified. No exemption will be accepted. We count on the courtesy and fair play of the participants to find an agreeable date befitting all players.
  • It is possible for a team to be represented by only one of its players.
  • Tees: Allocated tees for Ladies and Gentlemen * * Seniors men (aged 70+ on the day of the match) are allowed, if they wish, play from the senior tees
  • The winning team of a hole scores 1 point, in case of a tie, no point.
  • A tie/draw: a tie that ends at the end of the 18 holes will be decided, hole by hole, starting with hole # 1, until a team wins a hole. The shots received are allocated as on the first 18 holes.

Specific conditions:

Placement of the ball on the fairway, at a scorecard length, is decided both teams on the day of the match. In case of disagreement, there will be no placing on the fairways.