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Order of Merit Rules for GBGC Tour 2023


This document sets out the rules and regulations of the Grand Baie Golf Club (GBGC) Tour for 2023.


7 competition days (rounds) will be organised by GBGC during the year. Each round will see the winners rewarded and an order of merit will be setup based on the results. There grand winners for the year based on Order of Merit results.


The competition is open to all players who:  

  • are registered members of GBGC for the year & have settled the membership fee prior to their first round.
  • are members of the MGF with an “official” handicap.


Two main categories have been created based on players’ handicaps.  

  • 1st category: 0-15 
  • 2nd category: 16-24 (28 for women)

A player will be categorised based on his/her official MGF handicap at the time of participation to his/her first round. 

Players with a handicap higher than 24 will be considered as 24 (higher than 28 for women will be considered as 28). Note that while some prizes may be reserved for ladies, there is no distinct ladies category. The results of each round will be sent to the MGF for handicap updates, but players cannot change category during the course of the year. 


Players will be invited to register for an upcoming round by email, usually 2 weeks prior to the event. The number of participants is limited to 80 to 96 depending on the course. A “first come, first serve per category” basis will apply.


Each round will usually be held in the morning, starting at shot-gun. First, second and third place will be rewarded in each category. Other prizes may be available and will be announced prior to each particular event. The 7 rounds will be held at Mont Choisy GC, Anahita GC, Ile aux cerfs GC, Heritage GC, legends, Links. The local rules of the course will apply. General rules of golf will otherwise apply.


The Stableford scoring system will be used, based on the current handicap of the player at the time the particular round. The order of merit at the end of the year will be calculated by the sum of the 3 best rounds of each player.  In the event of a tie in the GBGC Order of Merit at the end of the 7 rounds, the ranking of the round number 7 makes the difference (18 holes, back 9 ,last 3, etc…). (the Committee reserves the right to rule on any dispute)


There will be one grand winner in each category.